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"Value will become increasingly resistant to traditional measurement because there is so much wealth in search of a return you can reason that any opportunity where the math makes in a textbook spreadsheet, the value is sitting on a landmine, already passed on by the infinitely patient family offices of moguls who are not forced to chase LP-friendly payoff diagrams."

The whole article is a mine. This long quote is a gem. It's both descriptive of the current situation, both in general and in specific pockets of the economy. But it's also predictive, as it describes the likely (inevitable ?) spread of this change in valuation measure across society. I'm going to be referring back to this for many years.

Thanks also for the reading links.

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Glad it was helpful 🙂

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Hard to "like" this. Seems like it deserves a more nuanced reaction. That's just me.

What I do like though is the idea of a GAME to EDUCATE people with. In this case Monopoly to educate re: Geogism.

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