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So I use HERo at the start of my programme (and in fact in a post today. And in fact it’s the tag line for Be Braver).

Be your own hero.

With the idea being we look at those we admire, role models, dead or alive. Friend or foe. Known to us or we’ve never met.

And we model what is so inspiring and aspirational about them.

By the end of the programme we have a version of that for each person, that enable them to effectively be their own muse. Inspired to test the limits of their own potential and becoming.

So I totally get you and understand the choice of word. I too have been berated and applauded for its use.

The stats done surprise me much. Imposter syndrome isn’t the great undesirable we think it is. Unless it’s debilitating. It stops us from being reckless, means we are thoughtful, considered, prepared and self aware.

You can’t confident your way to competence. But you can competent your way to confidence?

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