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    It could be a few links I found interesting. I focus on productivity, self-hacking, modernity, finance, learning tools, and sometimes philosophy or culture.


    It could be one link to a piece of content with my notes. I’m a compulsive note-taker and often scribble my own comments into them connecting ideas to something else in my grey(ing) matter.

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    This is the OG Moontower letter. I write about learning, games, math, trading, derivatives, money, raising kids, or whatever I think is useful. And my personal life. Just to prove I’m not a bot and all.

    How readers describe Moontower:

    • One of the only things I make sure to read every week.

    • Great mix of thoughtful “life advice” with really interesting technical explanations

    • I can’t not read it. It’s all great. Love the writing, love the depth of thought.

    • The best read in my cluttered inbox.

    This reader took the Dazed & Confused theme to heart:

    I feel like I’m in a group of sophomores huddled around that one senior with a cig and tattoos.

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