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Your Variance Time tutorial is also nice. Entirely new to me. Thanks for walking through it slowly.

I'm not a trader, so no direct utility, but interesting. I've long been intrigued by Open to Close and Close to Open pricing differences, particularly on those assets that trade in three different Geos. Variance timing puts a different light on that issue, too.

"The words “integrate the area under the curve” might give you nightmares." Laughing out loud funny. No, but Integrals once did!

"There are many cases where it’s like trading an ETF and having no clue that the NAV is not in sight of last sale. Half the money trading at that price is really right, the other half is really wrong and neither side actually knows the difference. " This strikes a couple of chords, too. First, it reminds me of market orders. Second, the small difference are important to a trader, but probably not to a long term EFT investor.

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May 14, 2023Liked by Kris Abdelmessih

The ranting was good. The prism analogy you parsed in several ways is great. It's memorable because it invokes feeling, and that's very sticky.

Rent, and rent seeking, is something I'd love see you discuss. I read a piece recently (I can't put my hand on the attribution) that advocated taxing real property only on the land value, and not the structure value thus incentivizing more housing creation in dense cities, and (tax rates aside) causing lower effective tax rates the higher the utilization of the property. It's an interesting idea. Not fully baked.

Paying for a good or service you need, whether through rental or purchase seems reasonable. Excess prices for either rent or purchase due to private ownership of what ostensibly should be a public good (space -- literally a space on the planet) seems more problematic. And as you say, it's a US goldilocks mindset.

I fully agree on RK as a grifter.

Thanks, too for remembering XKCD. I fell off that habit some time ago. Time to renew it.

I'm off to read the masochist link now. Looking forward to your next post.

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