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Oct 22, 2023·edited Oct 22, 2023Liked by Kris Abdelmessih

Long time reader, first time reply-er. I put your output in the GOAT category alongside Matt Levine.

2 quick Qs if you could be so kind:

1/ How to you keep track of all the blogs you seem to read? I have a lot of subscriptions but find RSS feeds and inbox rules don’t quite help. Am also an avid reader but wish things were easier to keep track of given various mediums out there.

2/ You wrote an amazing piece within the last 2y or so about building ‘optionality’ from the perspective of various options in life, and how not taking risks and exploring those pathways was like paying time decay on that optionality. At least that was my memory of it! I can’t seem to find it, but was wondering if you remember the name or had a link to it.

Update: 2/ I found it! https://moontowermeta.com/the-options-cage/

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